THGM MUSE Scholarship

Any Canadian or American citizen or resident in their last year of high school can qualify for the THGM MUSE Scholarship. All they have to do is enroll in a first-year writing-related program. The MUSE Scholarship will help with their fees. They can apply by submitting an original short story of 400-600 words in prose or in script. One of the characters must be a student in the program they have applied for, and we are looking for a story that grabs our attention

The deadline to apply for this year’s THGM MUSE Scholarship is May 15, 2022. We encourage them to apply at .


Canadian or American citizen or resident in their last year of high school. Must be enrolled (or applied to) a writing-related program, such as creative writing, journalism, English literature or communications.


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$500 toward expenses. First year is usually the hardest to pay. This scholarship sends the recipient on their way, so they can focus more attention on how to improve their writing and less attention on how to pay for breakfast.


Submit an original 400-600 word short story in prose or in script – make it creative, make us really take notice.

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